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Welcome to SRS Investigative Consulting, a licensed & bonded private investigative agency founded by the company’s president, Stephen R. Scanlon, a law enforcement official for many years.

Under the guidance and direction of Mr. Scanlon, our experienced team of investigators consist of dedicated men and women whose many years of experience in the investigation field, along with their collaborative effort, makes the firm one of the most successful investigative organizations in Massachusetts.

During all investigations, you can be assured of strict confidentiality, thoroughness and careful documentation of findings in all phases of the investigative effort.

You will be very impressed with the commitment, integrity, professionalism and confidentiality we provide during each phase of our investigation.

Whether it is Spousal Cheating, Unfaithful Relationship Investigation, Surveillance, Divorce Assistance, Asset / Person Locate Searches, Individual Background Checks, Pre-Employment Background Checks, or Private “Executive” Protection, you can be assured of strict confidentiality, thoroughness and our commitment to you.

SRS Investigative Consulting has been very successful in assisting Private “Client” Individuals, Attorneys and other firms with litigation support in Divorce, Probate, Civil and Criminal proceedings.

Our success is based on the experience, resourcefulness and dedication of our professional staff, who are highly experienced in a wide range of investigative services.

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The SRS Investigative Consulting Team investigators are experienced in developing factual information for the preparation of trial and personal “private” knowledge.

During Family Probate, Divorce, Civil and Criminal proceedings, individuals need sensitive but powerful evidence to prevail in their personal or trial proceeding. For this reason, SRS Investigative Consulting is sought by these Individual “Private” Clients as well as Law Firms, Insurance companies and others. We investigate the following for our clients:

  • Divorce Cases/Unfaithful Spouse Investigations
  • Conduct Videotape and Photographic Surveillance
  • Individual Background Investigations
  • Fraudulent Claims
  • Slip and Fall/Personal Injury/Civil Litigation Cases
  • Asset and Person Locate Searches
  • “Executive” Protection/Residential “Private” Security
  • Counter Detection Electronic Surveillance

  • As your case investigation proceeds, you will be informed of the progress and status. SRS Investigative Consulting will inform their respective clients with an “advisement” status report and their proceedings. When the case is complete, clients will receive an in-depth written report on our findings along with videotape and photographic documentation where applicable.

    All client information is treated sensitive and confidential and is handled with the utmost discretion.



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